Centro Cultural Biblioteca Popular Salvador Allende ( Public Library Cultural Center Salvador Allende ) was born from an initiative of Compañero Yuri and his family who at the amount of books he had at home, they thought they had a crucial legacy of the history of our country that could be delivered to the community of Valparaiso..

So then paint a car and conditioned, calling it “Biblioteca Itinerante”. The idea initially was that it was installed next to your car for fast food, “La picá del Compañero Yuri”, in the central floe of Avenida Brasil. However, upon receiving the negative response by the City of Valparaiso, he decided to move the library to your home.
Es así como el
Compañero Yuri abre las puertas de su hogar a la comunidad y forma el Centro Cultural Biblioteca Popular Salvador Allende.

There you can find, among others, the original poster of the campaign that won him the election, the book written by his own hand endless literature that fully portrays his life and work. It also has a collection of videos, speeches, documentaries and movies, mainly political.

In addition to the books donated by the partner and his family, is a huge amount of literature that has been donated by the community.

Public Library Cultural Center Salvador Allende officially opens Nov. 4, 2009 and is located on the Rise Almirante Montt # 131, Valparaiso, Chile, establishing a space for both the culture and the arts, and for the expression and dissemination of the various activities it live.

This library is self-managed and do not receive contributions from any private or state institution, so you need contributions to continue working.

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